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Injuries is athletes buy madden ultimate team coins of predators, and for old athletes for, injuries always they of dream ye, so injuries and exit arena is each a a athletes are unwilling to face of, Beijing time December 10, Atlanta Falcon 48 age of play hand motengandesen (Morten Andersen) because knee injuries announced retired, and Anderson keep with NFL play hand of scored records Anderson has in NFL in the captained has 25 years, he has get has 2544 points, The past two seasons he played for the Falcons, but has not received the team's contract this year, Anderson confirmed to the associated Press reporter on Monday local time, his knee injury decided to give up looking for a new owner, so goodbye to NFL game, "I realized that the effects of knee injury I will not train properly," Anderson said, "so I decided to retire. " "It doesn't mean I'm not going to sport, whether it is playing golf or ride a bike, but different from the professional football jueran. "Anderson and never be sad farewell to the NFL? Apparently not, Anderson recalled his career, in 1999 helped the Falcons into the Super Bowl was when he was named the career highlights, with Anderson's 38-yard free kick, falcons beat the Minnesota Vikings, advancing to the Super Bowl, "it was the culmination of my career. "Anderson said, but Super Bowl in the Falcon eventually lost Denver Mustang Anderson was born in Copenhagen, 1977 to Exchange health of identity came to United States Michigan State State University reading, soon Anderson of football talent was found, didn't thought entered NFL a captained on up 25 years, total effectiveness had five support team, which 13 a season in New Orleans St Saints through, 8 a season effectiveness Yu Atlanta Falcon, in Kansas City Chiefs effectiveness two a season, in New York Giants and Viking people the stay has a season, On December 17, 2006, Anderson to break the scoring record of played hands, Falcon down 38:28 to the Dallas Cowboys, but Anderson a hard free kick in the penalty. Anderson said he would back home, Denmark announce their retirement, since in Europe, his hometown, he received the support of many fans