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With the arrival of Chinese new year, limelight Brazil World Cup soccer is drawing near. While, men's Basketball World Cup, Buy Cheap Fifa 14 Coins - Fifa 15 Coins For Sale! www.dalcoins.com! and women's Basketball World Championships, and games also will have debut, Champions League, and Asia Crown, and European Football League, and beauty vocational basket League, wonderful events also will turns battle, 2014, undoubtedly and will is a events danian, for quiz type Lottery provides has rich of events resources according to understanding, for World Cup, and games, international major sports events for products and brand of marketing, makes brand value get maximum of growth, this is current market each industry, and each brand used of general marketing strategy and means. Guessing Lottery from the 2010 South Africa World Cup, international major events has been defined as branding, channel construction, lottery expansion, sales promotion, such as the crucial opportunity has effectively captured the 2010 World Cup and 2012 European Cup, Olympics and other marketing opportunities, has achieved rapid development. In view of this, 2014 guessing Lottery marketing publicity also emphatically stressed the theme of using events influence extend product reach fans more grounded organize various activities

In addition, from the marketing campaign of the year in the programme of work was further informed that this year's marketing campaign to Brazil soccer World Cup games as nodes, its work is divided into three phases, from "warm-up for the World Cup," "World Cup quiz" and "open season," three aspects, through the Organization of a variety of marketing campaigns, create a favorable market environment and brand identity. In order to highlight the Brazil football World Cup, the importance of the annual marketing plan set up a special part for this year's World Cup quiz planned marketing efforts, including not only the basic arrangements for the World Cup quiz as well as provinces and municipalities and grass-roots sports lottery market more representative and provide some "ground" below the line activities. For example, "Lottery into communities" and "entering the store to see the ball", "fan interaction" and other activities, is summed up from the success of previous work experience, simple operation, and organizations in other countries also can be combined with a local flavor, can play in space is large it is understood that the municipalities are currently in the national sports lottery Center year-round marketing program on the local implementation of programmes. 2014 is the Chinese new year, it is not hard to imagine, Yamaha always guessing lottery will play the game great year, to achieve greater development.